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Founding Story

Hey my name is Reuven! 
I created hemp camel to make lasting clothes that you will love again and again while knowing you're not harming the earth by your fashion choices. I want you to look good and feel good knowing that your clothing choice doesn't have to hurt the environment.
Hemp camel is my dream brought to life of colors and silhouettes through natural & organic fibers that feel beautifully textured on your skin. That is how I first dove into creating hemp clothing after feeling the soft textured feel of a hemp t-shirt and exploring what else hemp had to offer. 
My hope is you find t-shirts from us that you reach for again and again to live life in. You will be amazed by the soft textured feel of hemp and whether you know it or not will be helping to reduce clothing's impact on our environment. When compared to cotton hemp uses half the water, half the land and no pesticides making the t-shirt on your back easy on the earth.
Hemp is such a powerful plant that it can be used for food, paper, ropes and clothes all the while having super low impact on the land it is grown on. This idea, that clothes continue to be made from plastics (ew micro-plastics) and even cotton without utilizing hemp made me so passionate about how we can lower fashion's impact on the earth. I love getting a new t-shirt that makes me feel and look great, and I love how I can do this without sacrificing sustainability.
This is a picture of me doing something that lights me up around the time I began to develop and bring hemp camel to life in my mind.