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1. What does hemp feel like?

It feels like linen mixed with cotton, breathable and strong.

2. Are your hemp tees organic?

We use GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certified hemp yarn for our knit fabric.

3. Does it shrink?

If dried in a machine with heat, yes. If hung dry, no. So we recommend hang drying or sizing up your order if you like to use drying machines.

4. How does it age?

Hemp fiber is very strong which makes for long lasting clothing that breaks in, not down.

5. Where are your tees made?

Qingdao, China  

6. Why China?

About 1/2 of the world's hemp is grown in China, with potentially even more of the world's hemp for fabric grown in China, so making our tees at the hemp fiber source is the most sustainable decision at this time.

7. What do you mean by sustainable tees?

  1. The ability to meet our needs without compromising the needs of future generations' ability to meet theirs.
  2. The ability for something to be broken down by the Earth or able to be re-used again in the future.
  3. Long lasting use, which is why we use strong hemp fibers, create timeless designs and colors. Because even the most sustainable clothing isn't helping if you don't get much use from it.