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Free shipping for orders $100+ in the USA
Free shipping for orders $100+ in the USA
50% less water used vs cotton
absorbs 15 tons of c02 per hectare
100% organic hemp
Resilient fibers for long lasting tees

Hemp is Natural & Sustainable

Because clothes should be easy on the Earth.

Why we love hemp.

Hint: It's natural (no pastic microfibers) and incredibly sustainable.

Founder's Story

How many gallons we've saved

vs cotton t-shirts

What people are saying about us.

This shirt feels like cotton fell in love with silk and had a child.

Jordan K.

When it's hot out it's nice, barely feels like you're wearing a shirt

Nick S.

This literally just became my new favorite shirt

Blake B.

See what our hemp caravan is up to.

tag us with #hempcaravan

We love the natural colors of the desert & camel.

The camel not only symbolizes a resilient animal that thrives in rough conditions, but also our love for natural and neutral colors.