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100% Hemp Tee

Color: Olive

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Our hemp tee is made with 100% organic hemp, no blends with other fabrics. 


Hemp fabric has a unique feel, we liken it to if linen & silk got together and had a baby.


We recommend zooming in on the close up photo for a good look at the fabric, a picture is worth a thousand words.


  • 100% organic hemp knit
  • 180 gsm fabric weight
  • Unisex sizing, message us with any q's on sizing
  • Why hemp? Save 300 gallons of water per tee, always organic, breathable, silky textured fabric feel.
  • Machine wash cool, gentle with like colors, tumble dry, low heat.

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Olive Knit

Green is one of our favorite colors here at hemp camel, especially the olive variety.

Hemp Tee Details

  • GOTS Organic Hemp 
  • 180 gsm 100% hemp knit
  • Unique organic feel similar to linen 
  • Each t-shirt saves 300 gallons vs cotton

Nothing Like Hemp

The feel of hemp is truly special like a mix between raw silk and linen, you have to feel it to believe it!

Fall in love for the sustainability stay for the incredible fabric feel!


Why Hemp Camel?

Save 300 gallons of Water

With our 100% hemp t-shirt vs cotton.

Organic Hemp

We use GOTS certified hemp, making your t-shirt a planet healing purchase.

Support Small Business

Each purchase supports our small business, while bringing hemp clothing to the world!


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