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Why Hemp

 Why were commited to using hemp. It's simple, its natural (biodegradable) and quite possibly the most sustainable natural fabric. Oh and it feels AMAZING.
Hemp uses less than 1/2 the water vs cotton
Or approximately 300 gallons of water per hemp t-shirt is saved vs a cotton t-shirt.
Hemp is grown organically
That means no pesticides are used to grown hemp, which is so vital given the clothing industry is one of the largest users of pesticides in the world.
Yields 2x the amount of fiber/acre vs cotton
The less land used for growing our clothes, means more land left for nature to do it's thing.
Hemp heals the soil it's grown in
Hemp plants have phytoremediation properties meaning it cleans and re-energizes the soil it grows in.
Hemp absorbs 15 tons of CO2 for every hectare grown
Hemp can be harvested twice a year helping absorb 30 tons of CO2 per hectare of land, bringing our t-shirts one step closer to carbon neutral.




That's why we chose hemp as the most sustainable option for clothing.
Here is a photographic journey taking you from the hemp harvest to our t-shirt production.

1. Hemp crops at harvest.

hemp crops ready for harvest

2. Hemp stalks cut and dried.

raw hemp stalks after harvest

3. Raw hemp fibers sorted and ready to be spun into yarn.

 raw hemp fiber for clothing

4. Hemp fibers being spun into usable yarn.

hemp yarn spinning process

5. Raw hemp yarn in all its glory!

hemp finished yarn

6. Hemp yarn being knit into griege (raw and undyed) fabric for clothing production.

hemp fabric knitting process

7. Production! Where the fabric is cut, sewn and turned into a wearable tee.

clothing production

8. Final quality control inspections before being packed and sent off to be worn!

hemp clothing quality control

 Voila! Our hemp t-shirts are ready to be worn and adventured in.