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Why Hemp.

Those were some of the reasons we chose hemp as the most sustainable option for clothing.
Now here is a photographic journey taking you from the hemp's harvest to an inside look at our t-shirt production.
Hemp crops at harvest.
hemp crops ready for harvest
Hemp stalks cut, dried and ready for retting.
raw hemp stalks after harvest
Raw hemp fibers sorted and ready to be spun into yarn.
 raw hemp fiber for clothing
Hemp fibers being spun into usable yarn.
hemp yarn spinning process
Raw hemp yarn in all its glory!
hemp finished yarn
Hemp yarn being knit into griege (raw and undyed) fabric for clothing production.
hemp fabric knitting process
Production! Where the fabric is cut, sewn and turned into a wearable tee.
clothing production
Final quality control inspections before being packed and sent off to be worn!
hemp clothing quality control
 Voila! Our hemp t-shirts are ready to be worn and adventured in.